Find All You Need to Know about Our Party Rental Equipment in the FAQs

Depending on the event figure 12–18 sq. ft. per person, you may also need to add square footage for the dance floor, buffet tables, staging etc.

100 guests x 12 sq. ft. = 1200 sq. ft. 30×40 canopy

Refer to our brochure under tables. A formal place setting means less room for seating.

8 to 10 people at a 60rd table means 8 are comfortable with a formal setting and 10 are comfortable with an informal setting.

Rule of thumb is 1.5 per person for the first hour and 1 per person for each addition hour. 250 glasses are needed for a two hour party.

100 guests x 1.5 first hour = 150 glasses

100 guests x 1 second hour = 100 glasses

The linens we rent are made to fit the rental tables, but we usually have a size that will somewhat fit your own table. Add 30″ to the length and width of your table. This will give you linen that will hang lap length. Add 58″ to the length and width and this will give you linen that will hang to the floor (most tables are 29″ high).

Dishware, glassware, flatware etc. need to be rinsed and returned in their original crates.

Shake out any food or confetti from the linens before returning.

Equipment is clean, wrapped, and in crates. Linens are clean and bagged on a hanger.

Depending on the size of the grill or heater, these times are approximate.

Umbrella heater 8–10 hrs. 5 gallon bottle

32BTU heater 15–18 hrs. 5 gallon bottle

80BTU 5amps 8–10 hrs. 40 lb. bottle

170BTU 7.3 amps 10–12 hrs. 100 lb. bottle

Large grill 6–8 hrs. 40 lb. bottle

Small grill 8 hrs. 20 lb. bottle

Unfortunately not, we charge for time out not time used.

On average, ⅔ of your guests will be dancing, and you will need to figure 3 sq. ft. per person.

⅔ of 200 = 133 people x 3 = 400 sq. ft. (approximate)

A dance floor 20×21 will accommodate 133 people dancing.

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