Large Tanks of Helium for Parties

Are you looking for helium for parties? Do you need helium tanks that can fill your entire venue with balloons? Party People in Phoenix and Scottsdale has helium tanks that can fit any size of event. Whether you’re handing out balloons for kids or would like your ceiling to show nothing but floating balloons, we have got you covered. Choose Party People when you need plenty of helium for your party or event.

Tanks for All Sizes

No one helium tank will fit every individual’s needs. Some people need to fill up a few dozen balloons, and some people need to fill up a few hundred balloons. To accommodate the various quantities of required helium for parties, we offer several different sizes of helium tanks for rent.

The smallest of our tanks is our Helium Q Tank. This tank is conveniently sized and can fill around 30 12” balloons. This choice is an ideal source of helium for parties that are on the smaller side or that can benefit from many small tanks used simultaneously.

At the other end of the size spectrum lies our Helium J Tank. This tank size is our largest and can fill an estimated 130 12” balloons. As you might imagine, the higher capacity of the tank does increase its size, but if you need helium for parties that are massive in scale, you won’t find a better option.

Between these two selections are our Helium M Tank and our Helium L Tank. To choose the necessary tank size for your party, just consider how many balloons you expect to fill and then browse through our helium options.

Proudly Serving Arizona

Party People is proud to provide our helium tank rental services to all our surrounding communities in Scottsdale, AZ; Phoenix, AZ; and Mesa, AZ. Call or visit our two store locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix for more information about our helium tank rentals. We have helium for parties no matter the size or type of your event or occasion.

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